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Our Background


The Adventure Pack was created by Taylor Maag and Mckenna Buchanan, we travel with our 5 adventure dogs and find the coolest places out there to camp and document our fun. 

The Places We Visit


We aren't your typical campers. We stay away from National Parks, Monuments, campgrounds, etc. Having 5 dogs really helps us find those hard to reach places where no one is in sight. If you find us out camping. Consider yourself a bad ass

Clean The Wild


We are crazy about keeping the outdoors clean and wild. We spend a lot of our free time picking up trash that other humans have left in beautiful areas.  Our dogs are in training and help us pick up trash. We have started a small non profit called Clean The Wild to help promote clean forests. Always leave it better than how you found it.

Getting to know the pups

River & Forest

River is a Golden Retriever that loves everything, Forest is a black lab that loves ball


Luna is our sweetest dog, she is a border collie Australian cattle dog. She will cuddle and kiss anyone. She also is crazy agile and loves to play.

Rocky & Shadow

Rocky and Shadow are brother and sister. They are Great Pyrenees mixes. They are our hardest dogs, they love to do their own thing and they bark a lot. But when you finally meet them they will love you forever.

The Adventure Pack in the Uintas 2018

Check out one of our recent videos exploring the Uintas.

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